I am originally from the west of Scotland and have been living and working in Edinburgh for over 30 years.

I trained in Printmaking and Textile Design at Hornsey Art College (London) and subsequently completed a Furniture Construction & Design course at Fife College (Kirkcaldy).

Now as a full time artist, I continue to develop my creativity through courses in painting, sculpture, printmaking and textile design, all of which influence my work.

Over the years, I’ve concentrated primarily on arts and crafts focused projects, often as a facilitator on community based artwork with groups and individuals where I’ve been involved in many really interesting ventures from constructing a touring puppet theatre to designing and making theatre sets.

The last red berryI’ve used a variety of craft and applied arts projects as an aid in intensive therapy with vulnerable people.

I work mostly with acrylics on canvas and within that context I try to experiment with style and subject matter. I prefer to approach each piece of work afresh and use collage or a particular technique to achieve the desired finish or effect. As an artist I look for an unusual angle in the everyday – to capture a different way of seeing what surrounds us.

I have always been fascinated by the diversity and intelligence of birds – crows in particular -and how they adapt their behaviour to exploit our resources to enhance their survival.

I’m currently working on my first video project, based on the changing face of the Union Canal, seen through the eyes of dog walkers who witness these changes on a daily basis. The result will be a series of paintings of these people with their dogs, alongside video extracts from their comments on the changing environment. I aim to show this to the public at the annual Canal Festival in Fountainbridge.